To-Do’s For Your Wedding Week

Wedding Planning

It’s finally here! The week of the wedding. Between family coming in to town, finalizing the guest list, and unforeseen hiccups it’s easy to forget some things. Below you will find some to-dos for the week of the wedding that will help ensure your wedding day will run as smoothly as possible .

1. OVERCOMMUNICATE With Your Vendors

You want to make sure you and your vendors are on the same page. You want to make sure you have relayed information to them especially if something in your original plan has changed. Call your vendors and confirm your arrangement and then call again to reconfirm things such as:

– Limo or shuttle pick up and drop off times and locations

– Submit all vendor requests to your location manager or maitre-d such as an extra table or setup time

– Giving your ceremony and reception site manager vendor information and their contact info

2. Designate Point People

No one should be calling YOU or your fiancee the day of your wedding. You don’t need to know that limo was late or there’s been a mix up with flowers when you’re trying to relax and get your makeup and hair done. To avoid that, designate people to take care of items such as:

– Ceremony items. Are there things you’ll be bringing in to the church like a unity candle or a picture canvas? Designate someone to bring those pieces in and out of the space.

– Money. Find out your final balances and tip amount and designate someone to hand out the specified envelopes.

– Reception. Introduce your location manager to your designated point person. This person should know the ins and outs of your reception and be able to answer any questions without having to check in with you.

– Provide all your vendors with an emergency contact who can handle any miscellaneous issues that may arise the day of.

3. Pack Appropriately

Whether it’s an overnight bag or your honeymoon bag. Take the time to pack things that you know you will need. Knowing you have everything will minimize any type of stress.

4. Schedule Your Appointments

You want to make sure you feel fresh on your wedding day. Make sure you book all your beauty appointments that you want done like: mani-pedi, waxing, or even a massage. This also goes for your groom make sure is his hair is trimmed or beard is groomed. If you’re doing anything like coloring your hair or getting a peel– do this ahead of time to make sure you don’t have any reactions or they don’t turn out like how you envisioned.

5. Arrange Help for Guests

If you know you have elderly guests or even an open-bar make sure you have a way for these guests to get home. Look into renting a shuttle or a taxi service that can help transport people after your reception.

Taking the time to remember to do these things the week of will give you peace of mind allow you to really enjoy your day. Happy Planning!

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